Support for new parents | Beaumont Parenting Program

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The parenting program, which has been in existenceat Beaumont for over twenty four years now, is really a program that provides help tofirst-time mothers, who are not familiar with the idea of how to take care of their newbaby and all the associated issues that go along with taking care of the new infant.

This is not something necessarily instinctive in us, although we like to think that parentingis instinctive.

But for those of us who have been parents, we realize quite soon that thereis a lot to learn about being a parent.

The program afforded me one night a week,where I could truly be myself.

I could let down my guard.

I could cry, I could talk,I could listen.

They have all kinds of people there that youcan relate to, bond with, become friends with and your children become friends with.

Thattype of community was to me, valuable.

It's just good that you can pick up the phoneand talk to another mom.

I am better because I can gain the, you know, the insights andso forth of a larger group of awesome women.

I tell people now, if there is absolutelyanyway that you can have your baby at Beaumont, you better do it, um, because people reallycome alongside you and they go through the process with you.