Serverless Backend-as-a-Service Platform


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BackLess is a Serverless Backend as a Services script inspired by
platforms like Firebase and Parse but built from the ground up to give you the flexibility of
running your own serverless architechure.

A Backend-as-a-Service platform is a platform that abstracts the web server layer for your apps (web, mobile, desktop) so
that you don’t have to write server code. All you have to do is make API calls.
Backless handles the server (backend) layer of your applications and provides you with simple API calls
to manage your application without the need to write backend code.

So whether you are building a mobile app, a web app or a desktop app, BackLess provides beautiful features for
creating scalable apps without the need for backend code. Check out the features. Welcome to the future of
serverless technology, you are going to love it!


  • Unlimited Projects: Users can create projects from their dashboard and start building!
  • Data: BackLess provides you with an abstract datastore where you
    can create data, access, search data without backend code and even secure access to data using indexes.
    Search Builders, Indexing, Data-access-authorization, Realtime data objects are all provided out-of-the-box.
  • Cloud Storage: With the virtual filesytem provided out-of-the-box, you can store static assets that
    are used by your apps e.g files, images etc. on cloud services like cloud servces like DropBox and Amazon S3
  • Realtime Datastore: Similar to what you get on Firestore, you can listen to changes
    on your data and you apps immediatly get notified when there is a data change
  • Realtime Channels and Events: You can trigger realtime events from you apps with a single API call without
    any for of pre-configuration, everything has been pre-written
  • Multi-User Support: Unlimited number of users can create several projects.
  • Plans Management: Create plans, and automatically cut off resources supply when limits have been exceeded.
  • Updates: With the amazing features, it can only get better.
    More features will be added to provide you with everything you need to spin up your own serverless architechure. Features like
    cloud messaging, emails, crash reporting and more have been staged for future releases so stay tuned!.


Demo Link: Click here
Demo Docs: Click here for docs

Admin Login

Email: admin@backless.test
Password: password


  • PHP 7.x
  • MySQL >= 5.x
  • PDO
  • JSON
  • Openssl
  • MbString
  • CURL


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