Parenting Advice : Solving Child Behavior Problems at Home & School

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Hi, my name is Veronica Baragas, with mywigglesandgiggles.

Com,and I'd like to share with you, solving behavioral problems at home, and in school.

First, I'dlike to see if you could get with your teachers, and your significant others, and figure outwhat the problem is.

Find out what it is that you can do to help out the situation.

Talkingto your child about what's going on, and figuring out what level it is that they comprehend,about what's going on.

Can you as a parent stay consistent with your discipline? andbe strong enough to know, that this is something that you can get through, with the help ofothers.

I would consult a professional, maybe a counselor, and somebody who can give youa more educated information on how to deal with the behavioral problem.

Take your timein figuring out the situation, and make sure that you are well read and educated, on behavioralproblems with your child.

Find out if it's aggression or depression.

Are they makingfriends at school? Are they able to socialize and interact with other children? There'sso many things that can happen, but if you stay consistent, and if you talk to your teachersand your spouse, you'll definitely find a solution to solving behavioral problems.

Don'tignore them.