Location oracle – GeoIP Toolbox and beyond


Location oracle is a GeoIP toolbox that allows to show personalized content on your website based on the
user location. It supports the two main GeoIP services (infoDB and Maxmind) and can revert to a zip
database if the location service fails to find the correct information.
Users can change their location at any time granting the best user experience on the market. This package
includes the Zip Codes database for both United States and Australia, you can easily add your own custom
tables to cover every area of the world you need, if you don’t have a mySQL database, don’ t worry,
Location Oracle will still find the location of your user!
Location Oracle sports an advanced caching system that makes this script lightweight but powerful and less
dependent on the APIs.


  • GeoIP user localization
  • Works with both infoDB and Maxmind the two main GeoIP services
  • Users can change their location easily for the best user experience
  • Includes Zip Codes databases for United States and Australia!
  • Location Oracle caches user location to improve speed
  • Flags images included
  • OOPhp with full PHP4 support
  • High level of customization



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