Every Chance for Every Child – Free parenting seminars

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Every chance for every child – Free parentingseminars Sunday 19 May, Lollipop Markets, MorphettvilleRacecourse The Hon Jenifer Rankine, Minister for Educationand Child Development: One of the great blessings in our lives is when we become parents; andI think every parent when a child is placed in their arms, wants the very best for thatbaby.

But we also know being a parent is one of the toughest gigs that we ever face inour life.

And that’s why the State Government has made it a priority to support families,to provide the best possible services we can.

Premier of South Australia, Jay Weatherill:This idea, Every chance for every child is one of the seven priorities that the SouthAustralian government has chosen for South Australia.

And it’s been chosen becauseit is one of the most important things that is going to make the most difference for thefuture of our state.

This is a further commitment of South Australiato making sure that the first five years of life are absolutely crucial to the developmentof our children.

Dr Sarah Blunden, Senior Research Fellow,Head of Paediatric Sleep Research, Central Queensland University: I might be a bit biasedhere, but sleep is the foundation of all health.

It’s very clear that sleep gets perfectlyinto the strategic plan of the State Government and the Every chance for every child.

Sarah Toome, Women’s and Children’s Hospital,Dietician: Children need a variety of foods, so ideally we should be trying to encouragechildren to eat something from each of those food groups, so they are getting all the vitaminsand minerals that they need.

Surprisingly, even if they are fussy, they still get inwhat they need to.

I guess that’s a bit of reassurance that they get what they need.

Rosie Ranford, Clinical Practice Consultant,Child and Family Health Service: I often say every child is different, just like Sarahsaid earlier.

Everyone is different.

So, it’s a bit like us, we don’t all have steak andchips at every meal and baby is very much the same.

The Hon Jenifer Rankine, Minister for Educationand Child Development: What we know is that parents are the first and the most importantteachers.

It’s essential that we talk with parents and we provide what help they need,when they need it.

Premier of South Australia, Jay Weatherill:These are the most important things that we can do to assist the healthy human developmentof our community.

It starts right at the start and the things that you have learnt today,I hope, will be beneficial for you in your own lives and I’m sure they’ll be beneficialfor our state.

Thank you.