Cosby Rape Victim Strikes Back At The View Host

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The Associated Press revealed that in 2005, Bill Cosby testified that he purchased sedatives with the intention of drugging young with which wanted to have sex.

However, that information did not change support of comedian Whoopi Goldberg.

In fact, during a segment on the subject in The View, He said, "Well, was never convicted.

So I do not know what to say.

" Well, one of the alleged victims, Lili Bernard, It has been featured on CNN to talk about what he suffered.

Indeed, he is angry by Whoopi Goldberg's response against the tests.

Let's take a look.

People have been threatening to kidnap me my family.

It's like Frankenstein.

People persecute me with torches and want to burn.

Nobody here believes that rapists are fun.

Nobody here thinks the rape or hate women they are.

So I do not attack me because I'm sick of this stupidity.

In short, this is my opinion.

And US courts think like me.

because yet He has not gone to prison nor have tried for anything.

So leave me alone! Lili, one last question for you in 60 seconds.

What would you say? How would you respond to the defenders of Bill Cosby, Whoopi Goldberg? Well, Whoopi Goldberg lot of respect.

It's a great comedian.

But what I went with Bill Cosby was not silly.

You know, he.

We met with the excuse to meet some producers that would boost my profession and, secretly and clandestinely, He puts drugs in my blood and raped me.

It was very traumatic.

I could not even.

I am a very strong person.

That is to say, I gave birth to six children without taking anything for pain, despite this strength, to incapacitate, I could not even take my pillow face I was using to silence my cries, while he is strangling me while he raped me.

And then when he finally lifted his pillow and I could breathe, I could not even wipe the tears down my cheek and they piled up in my ears.

So this is not stupid, this is real.

It's what I did.

Yeah, I mean, come on, 40 people, right? The party went crazy me about Whoopi Goldberg is: "The courts think like me.

" No, no, wait a minute.

First of all, the charges prescribed for does not mean he's innocent.

Then I could.

Let's call it something else.

He stole on the street.

Seven years later, the criminal action prescribes, They fail to judge him and says: "See, I did not steal seven years ago.

" No, but we never went to trial because the criminal action prescribed.

And secondly, and this is the part that really infuriated me, an important reason why these women did not go to trial is that the harassed and threatened Cosby.

And Bernard, the woman you just saw, Cosby stated that said: "As far as I am concerned, Bernard, you're dead.

Do you hear me? You're dead, Bernard.

You do not exist.

I never want to see your face.

Now get out of here.

" Well, look.

A rape is horrible enough.

In other words, no need to add anything to be indignant, right? No, 40 people did not invent the same and now we have the testimony under oath of Cosby, declaring that bought sedatives to drug women.

Anyway, it has its pretexts: "Well, I do not drugged with sedatives that woman in particular.

" But it is clear what happened, right? But the part, for whatever reason, in which he had not thought is that not only the violas, but after the harass to make sure they do not say anything.

And so, tell a woman you just rape, and the description he gave was amazing, right? It just makes you a despicable person! And use your power against defenseless to rape and then threaten them as well.

As: "You spoil life if you say you raped her.

" And what makes my blood boil are all those moralizing speeches that gave Bill Cosby.

If you add to that who refuse to have personal responsibility and you should not have done this or that, all those speeches which gave the black community as if it were better than them.

It's one thing if your affairs are in order and you're trying to help people and frame it correctly.

And it's another thing when you move your finger and you say, "How dare you do that?" and "Get on your pants!".

¿Súbete pants? Look what you did! He had his pants down to rape women and then he spoke with black and he said the pants go up in public because they looked underwear.

And meanwhile, threatens to kill people, whatever he did.

I do not know what he meant, if he would kill her physically, but he threatened the professions of the people.

He did everything he could to ensure that women who violated They say nothing.

And then Whoopi turns and defends it? "Well, they never brought him to trial.

Ha ha!" No, not to laugh.

That does not necessarily mean anything, especially when you consider the rules of prescription.

But for all those who were angry with women who appeared decades later, note that, when they are supposed who were victims of rape, they were very young and very helpless.

And they are dealing with someone immensely rich, very powerful, very idolized in the United States.

So how do you fight that? Especially when you threat and will destroy your character in the press, in public, anywhere, right? So if you show up decades later, it could be because you feel more power to finally say something, right? You could feel that at least you know you can say something now because you can not touch me, you can not hurt me.

But when you have twentysomething and you are a victim of rape, and struggles against someone like Bill Cosby, that is, people will doubt you, and he will use every resource at its disposal to tear you apart.

Still he is living the good life and he had a couple of programs, if you remember, at the beginning of this scandal.

I had a couple of new programs that would do.

Everything was doing well, He was going to get away with it.

I'm so glad you caught.

I'm so glad.

Seriously, if you think of all those women.

Do you think invented the story that could not move, and tears rolling down her cheek, and remember how you accumulated in your ear? Do you think invented it? Really? Look, we had a debate a few weeks ago on the show.

I became very hot, I got angry because people assumed a woman who accused a kind of rape had.

It was supposed to automatically was right.

Not everyone who accuse someone of rape is right.

Sometimes it is not true.

So he goes to trial, if you can, if not harass you not to go to trial, and so forth.


But when women do 40 public, all with the same story, Is there not a rational limit where one says: "Well, maybe at least I should not say anything because it could be true "? Come on, there is no rational limit? In the same segment, he made a comparison, we do not show, He said, "Well, look what happened to the Duke lacrosse players.

" They were accused of doing everything, and were innocent.

But they are not analogous cases.

Duke scandal was a woman who accused a lot of college, right? These 40 women, he admitted in his own testimony, who ordered seal, he seal it wanted.

They know he's guilty.

But I would say that all these women, why they did not tell the truth before He is looking for the type of woman that it was not going to the police later.

The beguiling, doing everything you do.

Yes, and he looked for the most helpless to do so.

And he made a mistake when he raped that woman who was not helpless, Temple University.

She sued him in civil court.

Hence comes the testimony.

So is.

He was the director of something in Temple, Female Athlete director or something, was not alone.

I was ready to defend itself.


During all those years, all those decades, carefully he chose his victims.

budding actresses.

Those who would be less willing to defend themselves, or they would be less able, under the circumstances.

-Do not? -Yes.

He had never changed so much mind about a person as with Bill Cosby.

I grew up in the 1980s, I loved Bill Cosby.

I loved it! I loved it, really.

It is now one of the most despicable types United States.

As with Chris Christie when he began to curse.

This is really a change.

It is definitely a change.

You had to mention Chris Christie.

you can not help, man.