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  Do you need create a new module? but you don’t know how and it takes too much time.Now you don’t make it by yourself because this tool allows you do that easily

  Chameleon Blue is a php application, build on Codeigniter.It allows web developers to quickly build web apps.This application is a great way to build your website, allowing your users account , build your module with our tools. Developers will like this application because its really easy to add a new module in it and customize your field in that module. Also Chameleon Blue is highly scalable and easy to maintain due to it’s HMVC (Hierarchical model view controller) architecture and modular code base. and it’s back-end theme designed by AdminBSBMaterialDesign, So it’s easy way to find document or customize Chameleon Blue’s user interface

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Chameleon Blue - Module Generator - 1


  • Secure user login
  • User profile
  • User permission
  • Listing with sever-side sorting and filtering
  • Searching more than 1 column
  • 100% Mobile friendly
  • Third party theme by AdminBSBMeterialDesign (Bootstrap)
  • Full unicode support (UTF-8)
  • System setting
  • Well Document
  • Fully object oriented and modular coding
  • Cool code structure


Chameleon Blue - Module Generator - 2

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January 5,2017
Version 1.0.1 - Change new theme and setting page

December 27,2016
Version 1.0.0 - Release version


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