Beth’s milestones: Parenting a child with low vision

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The initial touchstone for mewas meeting the counsellor form the Foundation of the Blind, back in Scotland.

and beingput in touch with them and with a network where I felt I could connect to and I couldfeel part of.

And realize there are hundred, and thousands of children with visual impairmentsand mums that are worrying just like me.

And it was a great place to be able to be withMolly, when she was very young.

The next touchstone would probably be when she first went to nursery,and I went back to work for the first time.

And it was a big leap and I didn't know ifit was right for me to leave her and at the same time that I needed to put some distancebetween me and Molly because I felt I was smothering her.

And it was very scary.

Andat the same stage, or the same time, I guess letting go was good for he and good for me.

And realising that she was OK and I didn't have to be right beside her all the time.

And that she needed that social contact with other children as well, and I needed thatadult contact.

So they were two pretty major milestones I guess in the early stages.

Andmoving to New Zealand, and Molly must have been about 20 months at that stage, and itwas really scary because we didn't know what support network was going to be like in NewZealand.

We had Nick's parents here and his friends, but I didn't have the history withthem that he did.

I suppose we were pretty excited about leaving Scotland and movingto New Zealand to start a new life and I wasn't really thinking too hard about the supportnetwork for myself.

But so really struggled in that first year.

And, yea, it took a while.

But we were put in touch with BLENNZ and with the Foundation (RNZFB) and Chrissie our fantasticvision resource teacher, and she was able to put us in touch with the Foundation here,and put us in touch with a counsellor and just keep an eye on how we were doing andalso pave the road for us with kindergarten and getting Molly into kindergarten, whichwas the next milestone.

And that was a very momentous time for me, realising that shecould go there and she would also have a teacher aide with her the same time and that was agreat relief.